My Invisible Disability (Part 2)

Now that I’m more than halfway through college, before I transfer and start school at UC, I got re-evaluated this past May to receive my accommodations and figure out what exact learning disability I have. I had my testing done at UC and they said that I don’t have Dyslexia because my ability to read words is fine but I have a specific learning disability that impairs my math and reading. I also was diagnosed with test anxiety as well. Test anxiety is when I get the test, I forget all the information and completely blank out. I’m not going to meet with the Disability Services at UC to further discuss the accommodations they will allow me to have.

Up until now, the only people who knew I had a learning disability is family, a few family friends, and some of my teachers from high school. I haven’t told or discussed it with my friends because I was afraid they wouldn’t understand.

Having a learning disability can be, at times, more challenging than OI. People who know I’ve had a learning disability have made fun of me and trust me, it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. This is a sensitive topic for me because I’ve been called so many names but after being bullied, I’ve realized you can’t pay attention to what others say. I’ve been told that I’m not as smart as everyone else, which isn’t true because I work twice as hard to keep up with everyone else. I know for a fact that I am a hard worker and will never give up in life or let the bully win!

For months I’ve been contemplating on whether to let the whole world I’ve had a learning disability. However, I’ve been telling myself, “Why not? There’s nothing to be ashamed of!” so I’m going to embrace that I am unique and I’m going to keep enjoying life no matter what the haters say! I’m still smart but my brain thinks differently and I just learn in a different way!


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