Update (Jaw alignment, physical therapy, school)

So I know it has been a while since I’ve posted but my life has been hectic with school and my life so I wanted to give you an update on what has been going on. I’ve been doing homework nonstop and it’s been overwhelming and stressful but I’ve been able to manage it so far.

However with my health, when it comes to my jaw alignment surgery, I’ll give you the latest on that. As you know I went up to Ohio State a week before school started and I saw an orthodontist. The orthodontist suggested that jaw alignment surgery would be the best for me because I do have a more severe case of DI. While we were there, we went ahead and walked down to the oral surgery department to schedule with them and make an appointment for two weeks later and I was elated. However, four days before I was supposed to drive to Columbus to go to my appointment, the oral surgery department called and said that they talked about my case before I got there and decided that jaw alignment surgery wasn’t the way to go. It was devastating for me. I bawled and felt helpless and I felt like I was abandoned by every oral surgeon I knew. I’m back to square one and trying to regroup and decided to wait and put my jaw on hold once again until after my hip and knee surgery in December. It’s really difficult to take this all in for me knowing that no one will do anything n my mouth related to my jaw alignment because of the severity but all I can do is keep praying and hope that this storm will pass soon. I’m strong and I’m able to overcome every battle that comes my way and this is just another test for me and we’ll find a solution eventually.

For as long as I can remember, I have had back pain and it has progressively gotten worse as time has gone on. When I went to the geneticist, he suggested that I go to physical therapy for my back. I’ve been to physical therapy for both legs and both arms but never for my back. My orthopedist also agreed. If physical therapy didn’t work to control my pain or easy my pain then I would have to try to use a back brace. I had my consultation for physical therapy last Friday, September 8th and will go two days a week until I only need to go one day a week. I’m also doing exercises that will build the muscle and strength in my left leg so when I have surgery in December, I hopefully will bounce back and bear weight on my leg sooner if I am stronger. However, on Saturday, I did somehing to several ribs tht are on the right side of my rib cage. I have a micro-fractures in a couple of ribs. Micro-fractures in my ribs are not uncommon for me so I know what the pain feels like and I can easily tell because of the certain type of pain and the whole area gets swollen. It hurts to breathe, move, walk, bend down, and pretty much do anything. Used to go to the orthopedist every time whenever I had rib pain but every time I always got the same response and that was it was always micro-fractured. The orthopedist can’t do anything about fractured ribs. It’s frustrating because I’ll unfortunately be dealing with this for the rest of my life. However, you would never know I’m in as much pain as I am because I keep a brave face and try to keep my life as normal possible even if that means taking a heating pad to school to try to ease my back pain and rib pain or using another chair to elevate my leg. I don’t like to complain about pain I’m having and I certainly don’t want to be stereotyped as the girl who is always in pain so I don’t like to show that I am.

School on the other hand has gone off to a good start! I feel at home and have made so many amazing friends and we’re already so close that I feel like I’ve known them for years. Not all of them know about OI yet but those who do are incredibly supportive and willing to help me whenever I need it and I couldn’t be more grateful for them. I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends. After walking to each class I get very tired and my legs feel like they are about to collapse an my back hurts from walking even if it’s a short distance but other than that I’m okay! I’m just taking it day-by-day and staying positive!


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