This past Thursday (July 27), I finally saw my geneticist after waiting three months for this appointment. I saw the same geneticist that I went to when I was a sophomore in high school. My orthopedist referred me back to see him so we could discuss what to do to try to strengthen my bones … More Geneticist

Steroid Injections

As many remember, I went to the orthopedist on June 27th to figure out what we were going to do about my hip and knee pain. My orthopedist wanted to avoid putting me through another surgery so he wanted me to get three steroid injections…one at the hip and two at the knee. The injections … More Steroid Injections

College Orientation

One exciting thing has happened recently that I’m excited to share is that I attended my college orientation two weeks ago! It only makes me more excited to finish off my schooling at the place I’ve always believed was home. I mentioned on my blog several months ago that I was accepted to the Criminal … More College Orientation

OI Week Day 7

Another myth about OI is that people are always diagnosed with OI at birth. That is also false since not everyone shows symptoms of having OI. I’ve mentioned previously on my blog how people with Type I OI can die not even knowing that they have OI. That also leads us to believe that there … More OI Week Day 7

OI Week Day 6

One myth about OI is that it is a disorder you have when you are a child, but once you hit your teen years, you grow out. That is FALSE. OI is a condition that you are born with and no matter what the severity or type of OI you have, you will always have … More OI Week Day 6