Got milk?

This summer has started out very busy! I ended the school year with being on the Dean's List for the second time in a row! This wasn't an easy semester since I was still recuperating from surgery, missing a lot of classes due to my migraines, and other stressors that were occurring in my personal... Continue Reading →


Down to the Wire

My surgery is coming up and it can be a stressful process both pre-op and post-op. I've become accustomed to a certain routine that I follow to make sure everything goes smoothly and as stress-free as possible both before and after surgery. I scheduled my surgery back in August and made sure that I wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Angels and Saints

I'm a firm believer in guardian angels. I believe my great grandparents are my guardian angels and watch over me and are with me at all times. They make sure that I'm okay and safe and that nothing ever happens to me even if they aren't with me physically. Saints, on the other hand, I... Continue Reading →

Living a Double Life

I've been asked several times why I named my blog "Living a Double Life." Well, I'll explain why. I don't live a normal life and I feel like I am constantly feeling the pressure of blending in with others unless I want to get judged. I feel like I have two different lives, one that... Continue Reading →

Back to School!

I'm so sorry that it has taken me a month to post! I've been extremely busy with doctors' appointments and with the start of the new school year! I just finished my first week at the University of Cincinnati! It has been a very long and tiring week. I am a full-time student and have... Continue Reading →

Steroid Injections

As many remember, I went to the orthopedist on June 27th to figure out what we were going to do about my hip and knee pain. My orthopedist wanted to avoid putting me through another surgery so he wanted me to get three steroid at the hip and two at the knee. The injections... Continue Reading →

Orthopedist Update (June 27th)

Finally, it was the day to go back and have my check up with my orthopedist to figure out what he thought we should do about my knee and hip. It was a day that I've been waiting for since May. I was trying to prepare myself to be open-minded and to be willing to... Continue Reading →

Meeting with Pain Management

A lot has happened in the past three weeks. First, National OI Week went pretty well! I'm beyond blessed with all of the family and friends who messaged me on Wishbone Day to let me know they had yellow on to support OI! I'm incredibly grateful and couldn't ask for a better support system. At... Continue Reading →

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